Will Dyar of Hills Audio, Santa Fe, NM -  Photograph by Brandon Soder

Will Dyar of Hills Audio, Santa Fe, NM - Photograph by Brandon Soder

William Dyar

Mastering Engineer

Santa Fe, New Mexico

I found my way into the world of audio engineering in the mid-90's by recording my own bands and experimenting with friends.  We started recording on four track cassette decks and moved to larger format analog tape machines and consoles as our skills developed.  In the early 2000's I began working my first professional sessions on location and out of a small project studio based in Brooklyn, NY.  By 2007 I had designed and built a handful of project studios while solidifying recording and mix techniques in studio and on location.  Over the years, I had the opportunity to work on a number of projects as a mastering engineer and found the process challenging, but quite fulfilling. I also saw a need locally for a dedicated mastering room, so I turned my primary focus from recording and mixing to mastering.  I spent early 2013 remodeling a studio space in downtown Santa Fe, NM and upgrading equipment toward mastering specific tasks.  The result is a comfortable, more accurate listening environment, equipped with solid analog and digital tools.  These elements, combined with focus and attention to detail, help work toward a quality finished production that translates to a wide variety of listening environments.  And, most importantly, keeping true to your vision while bringing out the best in your mixes.

Will Dyar can also be seen/heard on recordings & performing with Host Skull - Johnny Bell & The Visitors - YallwehThe Sunset Colors & his solo experimental recordings under the "Hills" title.